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System Professional - Man M4 Hair and Beard Oil

€26.99 €37.50

Nourish, soften and condition your hair and beard with System Professional MAN's M4 oil.


This lightweight formula absorbs quickly, leaving your hair and beard soft, shiny and manageable. Nourishing ingredients strengthen and protect hair follicles, promoting healthy growth. Apply daily for optimal results.

  • Luxurious lightweight oil for hair and beard.
  • Hydrates without weighing it down.
  • Transforms hair and beard texture for better definition
  • Specially formulated to bring shine and softness, prevent frizz and facilitate styling
  • With argan oil
  • With EnergyCode Lipids complex for energized hair

Application : Apply to clean, dry hair and beard. Gently massage to make the oil penetrate. Do not rinse.