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Wella - Fusion Shampoo

€13.99 €17.45

Wella Professionals Fusion Shampoo 250ml

Pair this with the Shampoo Massage Brush to help deeply cleanse, massage & stimulate your scalp

The WELLA PROFESSIONALS FUSION INTENSE REPAIR SHAMPOO is a weightless shampoo that repairs damaged hair thanks to the combination of cleansing and care. The contained silk amino acids ensure that hair is built up and strengthened from the inside. At the same time, the EDDS technology frees hair from metallic impurities and micro-lipids provide moisture. The shampoo optimally prepares hair for the Amino Refiller or the following Wella Care Fusion care, consisting of the Intense Repair Mask and the Intense Repair Conditioner.

The Wella Premium Care Line Fusion has been specially developed for damaged hair. The so-called Silkstell-Fusion program, a combination of amino acids, silk amino acids and micro-lipids, builds and fills hair from the inside, provides it with moisture and maintains it intensively. For optimal care, it is recommended to use the shampoo as a preparation for subsequent treatment. Subsequently, the Fusion Amino Refiller serves as a replenisher for hair, the mask and conditioner for repairing, strengthen and sealing your hair finally. The result: up to 95% more resistant hair.

BRAND Wella Professionals
PRODUCT LINE Wella Professionals Fusion
EFFECT Moisture, Repair, Restore, Strengthening