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JOICO - Moisture Recovery Conditioner

€19.99 €24.50

Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner intensely nourishes dry, thick, coarse hair to improve manageability, restore smoothness and increase elasticity. The new formula, deep conditions from within the hair cuticle to increase hydration and give intense nourishment, and reduce breakage by up to 55%.

Daily shampoos can zap moisture out of your locks. Fortunately, it only takes a minute for this intensely hydrating Recovery Conditioner to come to the rescue and inject life back into dry, frizzy tresses. Delivers an immediate improvement in elasticity, smoothness, and shine.

  • With Marine botanicals, Sea Kelp, Brown Algae and essential minerals
  • This exceptionally nourishing formula restores the hydrolipidic barrier and prevents dehydration
  • Delivers softness and shine to hair
  • Reduces breakage by 55%
  • Easily detangles dry hair
  • Deeply nourishes dry-to-extremely dry hair
  • Adds softness, smoothness, and shine

Key Ingredients:

  • Hydramine Sea Complex - A blend of unique natural moisturizing elements from the ocean; Sea Kelp, Seawater Nutrients, and Brown Algae –help restore hair’s hydrolipidic barrier and prevent dehydration.