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Hair Republic - Detangling Boar Bristle Brush

€9.99 €13.99

Boar Bristle Brush-Best at Detangling Thick Hair Vented For Faster Drying-100% Natural Boar Bristles for Hair Oil Distribution

Ideal for Hair Extensions

BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH - Known to promote healthy hair through stimulation of natural oils from your scalp. This moulded curved brush is professionally designed for optimum contact points at the base of your hair follicles. Coupled with the nylon point tips, massaging your scalp and promoting brain blood circulation, this premium brush is unparalleled as a hair detangler.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The result of the engineering behind this curved shape and flexible head hair brush is better to optimum contact points at the base of your hair follicles stimulation of natural oils from your scalp,Offer the Shinny, Smooth & Healthy Hair.

  • VENTED & OVER SIZED- The detangling brush in the vent brush helps speed up your drying time, since the heat from your blow dryer can reach your strands from all angles and the head of this boar hair bristle brush is over sized, resulting in faster and more even hair styling.

  • ELIMINATE FRIZZ&TANGLE- Massaging your scalp, effectively heal hairy hair, promote blood circulation, reduce dandruff and prevent hair loss.By coating each hair strand with a very, very small amount of sebum (the oil produced by the scalp)restore straight, wavy, and curly hair’s natural beauty.gently exfoliate & promote a healthy head of hair from root to tip

  • ALL HAIR TYPES - This hair brush for men or woman has added benefits regardless of hair type. More fine hair can take advantage of the boar bristles stimulating natural hair oils for healthier hair. Individuals with thicker hair will enjoy the detangling features of this hair brush.