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Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge- Kurette

€28.99 €30.00

Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge- Kurette ( 4 Months) 

 -Lasts an average of 4 months 

Drastically decrease the amount of chlorine and other heavy minerals coming from your shower. This will help improve your hair and skin quality when placed inside our shower filter.

Unscrew your Kurette shower filter and remove the old cartridge, then place this new replacement cartridge inside. Screw the shower filter shut. Tighten up and reinstall.

 The Kurette Shower Filter is designed to soften hard water by blocking chlorine, bacteria and other heavy metals and minerals. This reduces an irritated scalp and skin conditions that cause dry, dull lifeless hair. Hair will appear healthier, and skin will appear brighter.

Chemicals like chlorine break down the chemicals in the hair, with constant contact hair will become dry, brittle, dull and unmanageable. To prevent this you will need to use the highest grade filter, Kurette.