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System Professional - Alpha Energy

€64.99 €72.00

System Professional Alpha Energy 100ml

treat your hair to the strengthening properties of System Professional Alpha Energy, a hair and scalp energiser that works to refresh and moisturise the hair and scalp.

Formulated after five years' research, the invigorating treatment targets the hair, scalp, and fibre and texture to promote visibly fuller-looking hair with improved manageability. Combining a powerful EnergyCodeTM Complex with a proven and effective formula, the solution expertly enhances hair strength and scalp condition; it boosts hair's resilience and the inner energy of strands, whilst cooling the scalp, strengthening the hydro-lipid barrier and calming irritation.

After three months' usage, the hair and scalp feel restructured, rejuvenated and healthy.

For all hair types. Suitable for fine and weak hair.

Designed to nourish and fortify, the formula works to create fuller-looking strands. It helps balance scalp moisture and reduce the appearance of damage, allowing nutrients to flow to the hair’s roots.