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System Professional - Alpha Energy

€59.99 €82.50

Designed to enrich the 3 pillars of hair, scalp, fiber and texture – to improve scalp moisture balance and reduce structural damage.


Hair Care Benefits:
• Visibly fuller and more manageable strands
• Improves scalp moisture balance
• Reduces hair’s structural damage and breakage
• Promotes nutrient flow to hair’s roots
• Results in hair that feels healthy, resilient, and responsive to styling

Formulation Highlights:
• Cooling and soothing formula strengthens hair’s hydrolipid barrier
• No compromises, residues, stickiness or build up
• Works with any System Professional product
• Formulated with niacinamide, known for soothing and anti-inflammatory properties

How to use:

Split hair into 3-4 sections 

Apply 3-5 pumps on each section from roots to tips

Don not rinse style as usual