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System Professional - Color Save Shampoo

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System Professional Colour Save Shampoo 250ml

Maintain hair’s vibrancy with the System Professional Color Save Shampoo. Formulated for colour treated hair, the cleanser works to prolong and protect pigment.

The formula works to sweep away daily impurities, yet remains gentle enough to resist stripping hair. Fortified with a UV filter, it offers protection from damaging light, while a combination of quarternium and beeswax acts as a barrier to lock in colour.

The shampoo wraps strands in nourishment to help protect hair’s keratin integrity, promoting resilient and glossy tresses.

Colour-safe cleanse that prolongs and protects a vibrant pigment.

Hair Care Benefits:
• Maintains colour, and makes it last even longer
• Nourishes hair
• Protects keratin structure by reducing free-radicals
• Prevents colour shifting
• Contains UV filter

Formulation Highlights:
• Colour-safe

Pair this with the shampoo massage brush to help deeply cleanse, massage & stimulate your scalp

How to use:

Apply a coin-size amount onto damp hair 

Massage into scalp using your finger tips

Spread the shampoo along the length of of the hair, then rinse

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Christine Barnes
My fav brand of hair care

Amazing product colour is keeping so well and it smells incredible