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System Professional - Purify Mask

€34.99 €48.25


System Professional - Purify Mask


Mask for scalp with severe dandruff and hair in need of care.

Intensive nourishing and protective care that frees hair from dandruff and gives it a silky feel.

“We've worked with dermatologists to create expert formulas that not only eliminate visible dandruff. They actually combat its causes. The Purify Line is so gentle and effective, it can replenish your healthiest scalp without throwing off your delicate pH balance.”

Utilising a Dermapure Complex that eliminates dandruff-causing microorganisms, the hair mask expertly cares for the hair and scalp; its Energy CodeTM Complex promotes an energised scalp and more responsive hair.

Dandruff is reduced with regular use and hair feels intensely conditioned.