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System Professional - Solar Sun Oil

€34.99 €53.00

System Professional Solar Sun Oil


Achieve instant softness with the System Professional Solar Sun Oil; a protective mist that restores life to hair exposed to sun, salt and chlorine.


The rich sun oil combines UV Filters and a blend of luxurious oils, which protect and deeply condition locks, whilst a generous dose of Keratin promotes long-lasting smoothness. Simply spray onto hair during and after sun exposure, or combine with the Solar Conditioner for achieve enviable softness.

Expect flyaways to be eliminated and hair to appear sleek, smooth and ultra-healthy.


During sun exposure: Apply 4 - 5 pumps of oil through the hair before and during sun bathing.

After sun: Use on wet hair before blow-drying for softness and protection. Apply on dry hair to reduce flyaways and frizz.

With the conditioner: Mix up to 5 pumps of the oil with the sun conditioner for a softer hair feeling.