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Travel Makeup Bag Pouch

€4.99 €12.00

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Two-in-one makeup bag designed to help save your precious time. As well as expanding fully so you’re not aimlessly rummaging around for your stuff, it also doubles up as a protective mat.

    • It can quickly and easily be packed with all your cosmetics saving you lots of time
    • Its large capacity ensures you can store more, so don't need to worry about having to leave some of your cosmetics at home.
    • Outside pocket and built-in individual zipper pocket ideal to store small items.
    • Easy to clean: Can be washed directly with water or machine washable, fast drying.
    • Easy to use: If you're in a hurry you don't even have to open the bag fully - just pull the drawstring half way and grab what you need.  
    • Works great if you don't have much counter space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ger Fisk
Moroccan oil shampoo

Excellent product. Very good experience with seller